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Due to a host of risk factors, coronary heart disease may recur in patients. These are diabetes, high blood pressure, high-stress levels, a high-fat diet, lack of exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, etc.

Redo cardiac surgery mean operating on a patient who had undergone cardiac surgery earlier. It has been a challenge for every cardiac surgeon due to the difficulty of exposure and access to the heart and its associated complexity. We have special safety strategies and techniques that we have formulated over the years to minimize complications and provide the best outcome to our patients.

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Heart Surgery

Redo Surgery Details

This surgery is a little more complex, bigger, and time-consuming than the first. After the first bypass surgery, the heart gets stuck to surrounding tissues by adhesions (scar tissue). Hence it has to be first freed from these adhesions before the bypasses can be performed. This is done with gentle care. If the grafts (bypass substitutes) used in the first surgery are blocked, newer ones are harvested for the procedure. These can be left or right internal mammary arteries (BIMA) from inside the chest, left and/or right radial arteries from forearms or vein grafts from lower or upper limbs, depending upon availability. Clean sites in the coronary arteries are identified to perform the redo CABG.

Nowadays, most Redo CABG surgeries are done by our experts, on the beating heart. This reduces the risk of surgery as the heart need not be stopped. Also by using arterial grafts, the life of a Redo CABG surgery can be further increased.

A Redo may take anything between 3-10 hours to perform. As the Redo is a more complex operation, careful selection of the operating surgeon who has good experience of doing such surgeries is advisable.

Heart Surgeries We Repeat

Smaller hospitals often refer their re-operative heart surgery patients to Shalby Hospitals because of our expertise. We’re also the referral center for patients with complex heart diseases, especially those who have had prior heart surgery.

Reoperative cardiac procedures at Manipal Hospitals include the following:

  • Redo heart valve repairs (aortic and mitral)
  • Redo heart bypass surgery
  • Redo aneurysm repairs
Dr Lalit Malik Heart Valve Surgery

Benefits of Redo Surgeries

Longer life expectancy

More energy and less fatigue

Less chest pain

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Manipal Hospitals  maintains its leadership position in cardiovascular medicine by providing high-quality patient care and the latest and best surgical options – including minimally invasive heart surgery.

Redo coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) occurs when patients who previously underwent CABG develop progression of their native coronary artery disease or graft occlusion that requires another surgical revascularization.

People tend to do very well after heart bypass and most get a good 15 years before needing another intervention, which at that point would almost always be having a stent inserted.

Over time, though, even successful valve replacements and coronary artery bypasses may need a re-operation. Almost one third of the heart surgery operations we do here are repeat procedures.

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