Best Treatment For Heart Surgeries For Older Patients , In Jaipur

Elderly patients, compared with patients of a younger age group, present for surgery with a greater burden of risk factors and reduced functional levels.. We bring together all of the healthcare professionals needed to care for elderly patients, who often have other medical conditions that need to be addressed. Because we care and treat so many different types of cardiovascular diseases and disorders, you can see all of the members of their team in one convenient location. Moreover, your team members communicate regularly with each other to ensure everyone is up-to-date on your care.

Open Heart Surgery Procedure

Open heart procedure may take from three to six hours and usually follows the basic steps:

  • General anaesthesia is given to the patient to ensure they feel no pain throughout the whole surgery.
  • An incision of 8- to 10-inch is made in the chest.
  • The incision is made through all or part of the breastbone to get direct access to the heart.
  • A heart-lung bypass machine is connected to the patient once the heart is accessible. This machine helps to move blood away from the heart which is needed for open heart surgery. However, not in all cases, they use this machine. Now almost 98% of the bypass surgeries are done off pump
  • To make a new passage around the blocked artery, the surgeon uses a healthy vein or artery in that place.
    Once done, the surgeon closes the breastbone by leaving the stitch-wire inside the body.
  • Finally, they stitch the original cut.
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